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January 12, 2014

The biggest things I learned in 2013


VALDOSTA — 4. Live in the future and not in the moment.

OK, I know that sounds completely backwards, but in terms of money, it’s a good philosophy I have taken on this year. I used to only care about what I had, and this year, I have learned to care more about what I want. For example, in Valdosta, I was paying for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment just for me and my husband. We really didn’t need all that space, so when we moved, we got a one-bedroom, one-bathroom. Sure, the transition was difficult, but it caused us to downsize our belongings. Now, we are surrounded by things we truly love and care about, and we are creating a nice nest egg for the future when we’ll need that extra space. In short, evaluate your goals and make sure that your current actions are not a detriment to your future ambitions.

5. Sometimes, decisions are better made with your head.

While living with your heart is important, there are some occasions that call for the brain only. Your financial well-being is one of them. Last year, I had to leave my job as a news reporter because my husband found a better opportunity in Savannah. While my heart told me to stay, my head told me that being an adult is about making responsible decisions. While I don’t want to tell you to take a job you absolutely hate for more money, I am telling you to weigh your options. Sometimes, you have to take your heart out of the equation and do what is best for your family and not just for you.

Well, budgeteers, those are just a handful of life lessons that I will be carrying with me throughout 2014. Don’t forget to like me on Facebook at and follow me on Twitter @BudgetBrittany

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