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December 9, 2012

Giving pets for Christmas not always best

VALDOSTA — The Valdosta Scene magazine, December issue, features the most adorable dog on the cover in a Christmas present, all ready to be put under a loving family’s tree. Or maybe not.

Woody, who I wanted to take home with me, is a miniature pinscher and was a full grown one year old. He and the adorable puppy on the inside have both already found loving homes since we took those photos, but as you can see from the pictures inside the magazine, dozens more puppies and kitties are waiting for adoption.

The Lowndes County Animal Shelter bends over backwards to assist potential pet owners choose age appropriate and size appropriate pets for families, but those wishing to adopt must bear responsibility for their choices. Too many animals are brought back to the shelter because they either got too big or are too rambunctious for their new owners. Puppies and kitties grow into cats and dogs, and that adorable 5 pound animal may weigh 50 or more in just a few months.

While the Shelter loves to find homes for their wards, this time of year, they see far too many friends and relatives coming to adopt a pet to give as a gift, without checking to see if the family can even handle a pet. Just because Grandpa thinks Junior should have a dog doesn’t mean Junior or his parents would welcome one. Children have allergies others may not be aware of. Many are afraid of certain animals, especially if they are hurt accidently while playing with an over-zealous puppy or kitty who bites or scratches.

And most of all, these live presents are, well, alive. They can’t be put away when the child gets tired of them. Someone has to house train them, walk them, feed them, give them medicine, play with them, etc. Pets can be expensive for renters who have to put down hundreds in pet deposits, and the costs of food, etc. adds up quickly.

So while you may be like me and want to give every one of these adorable animals a loving home, sometimes you have to understand you can’t. I already have two dogs and a cat, and adding another is not feasible right now. So I’m happy with doing the next best thing, which was to feature these adorable animals so that someone else can fall in love with them.

Giving the gift of a loving pet is wonderful, but please make sure the giftee agrees or these animals come right back to the shelter, and it’s not fair to either of them.


Business Roundup

The empty former cell phone store beside Lowndes High School is getting a new tenant, Beds 4 Less. I understand this is a second location, not a relocation of the current store on Inner Perimeter Road.

Still not sure which tire store is being built next to Chick-fil- A on Perimeter, but other than some site preparation, not a whole lot has been going on there       for a while. Anyone know why?

And although it got off to a slow start, the Publix is really taking shape. You can tell it’s a Publix now with the way the façade looks.

And speaking of façades, the strip center on Bemiss Road  with the Asian market and Cuz’s is getting a facelift with an entire new look to it. Very nice.

Also on, or right off, Bemiss behind the Freds there is land being cleared. Anyone know what is going there?

It looks like Bloomingdeals is holding a going out of business sale. The thrift store is in the Sugar Creek Plaza.

A new camping giant is coming into the outlet center in Lake Park, and those located there are finding new homes, including the YMCA. I should be able to say next week where they are going but they are definitely staying in Lake Park.

That’s about it for this week, but if there’s something I missed, please let me know!

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