Valdosta Daily Times

December 2, 2012

Picking out a Christmas tree

Kay Harris
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — If you’re one of those who puts up the same pre-lit, fabricated Christmas tree every year, I’m not judging you, but sorry, I’m also not one of you.

To me, one of the funnest aspects of the Christmas season is picking out a tree.

True, fake trees don’t leave needles behind or need daily watering, but they also don’t have that wonderful smell that scented candles just can’t emulate. And you don’t get to go chop it down every year.

While the various Christmas tree lots around town are good for those who want a real tree that’s pre-cut and ready to go, it’s far more fun to me to actually pick one out at the local Christmas tree farm, Hambricks. Located conveniently in the county on Hambrick Tree Farm Road between Hwy. 122 and Cat Creek, it’s easy to find and has a large selection.

The tree farm offers just about any size or type of tree you are looking for and you get to walk around and pick out your own. You can either cut it down yourself or wait for one of their many helpers to come tackle that chore for you, then take it to the shaker to get the loose needles off before wrapping it up and tying it to the top of your car. It’s not quite the Griswold’s tree farm experience, but it’s a fun family tradition and you’re supporting a local business too. And the trees are fully recyclable, with convenient drop off locations coordinated by Keep Lowndes Valdosta Beautiful the week after Christmas.

If you’re like me and do this every year, I might see you out there next weekend!

Business Roundup

The new main branch of HeritageBank of the South is finished and they’ve been moving in this week. The Inner Perimeter location will be open for business starting tomorrow with a grand opening event planned for after the first of the year.

I was a little ambitious about the opening date for the new Egg and I restaurant being built on N. Ashley St. They’re not set to open until the first of April.

I may be ambitious about this one too, but the exterior of the Drury Inn behind Olive Garden is pretty well finished and they should be opening shortly after the first of the year. Hopefully, the new access entrance road will be finished about the same time.

The Valdosta Mall is full of kiosks for the Christmas shopping season, some new and some repeat vendors, plus the new Valdosta Vault jewelry store that opened right before Thanksgiving.

Construction on the new tire store by Chick fil A on Inner Perimeter is continuing, and Publix next to Walmart looks like it’s coming along well.

The new Cornbread Skillet on N. Ashley St. isn’t open yet, but the sign says coming soon. It’s taking the place of Maryland Fried Chicken near the Kia/ Honda dealerships.

For those trying to drive in the vicinity of Hill Ave. between St. Augustine and downtown, don’t forget the overpass construction is underway and there are detours and lane closures daily.

Not a lot else to report right now, but hopefully after the holidays, things will pick up a bit. And if there’s something I missed, please let me know!