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October 7, 2012

An app that will make grocery shopping legend ... wait for it ... dary!

VALDOSTA — Oh, my dear budgeteers, I feel I must confess. I lost a little bit of my budgeteer twinkle last week. Though there is no excuse for ever leaving the house without your coupons, which is like the cardinal budgeteer rule, I went grocery shopping and paid full price for everything! Gasp! I know, I dare to even let it utter through my shamed fingertips as I type.

However, I would like to present to the jury that I was getting over strep throat. Sadly, that reality did not take the bitterness off the tainted taste of my orange juice. Thus, I am atoned with 15 hail coupons and a lengthy emailed confession to my budgeteer god Clark Howard.

Now that I got that off my chest, let me tell you about the awesome thing I did do during my shameful trip to the grocery story. I used this absolutely free app called Shopping List on my iPhone.

The only way I can describe its magic-like allure is imagine that Steve Jobs and Julia Child had a baby, that then married “How I Met Your Mother’s” Barney Stinson and had their own baby that was  legend ... wait for it ... dary!

No longer do you need to keep up with a paper list and pen at the store. You type in the item that you need to purchase and it automatically goes into your phone list. For common items such as toilet paper or bananas, it shows up before you finish typing (I think a warlock lives inside it or something). You can even color code your items like your meat in red, your dairy in blue and I like to put my husband’s toiletries in pink just because I think it’s funny to toy with his perception of my perception of his masculinity ... Love you, honey!

Once you have everything on your list, you just tap the item as you get it and it marks it off and places it at the bottom of your screen. If you accidentally mark something off that you shouldn’t have, you can easily pull it back up. So it’s fat-finger proof.

The free app only allows you to store one list at a time, but you can buy the app for just $2.99 and store multiple lists and even share your list with your roommate, husband, wife, friends, etc. Once you try the free version, you will be completely convinced to upgrade. It’s a small price to pay for making grocery shopping trips a little more bearable.

Seriously, what do you people with kids do? I cry in my car after every grocery trip just because I can’t stand the chaos. I also cry when I watch “Marley and Me,” but that’s just because I have a soul.

Some of you may be thinking, what does this app have to do with budgeting? If you asked this, you have already failed because you clearly did not read like the second article I ever wrote, so shame on you! I forgive you.

Going grocery shopping without a list is a suicide mission! Next to clipping coupons, a list is the most important thing you should do to stay on your grocery budget. I mean, what other excuse are you going to use when your child or husband tries to put three boxes of Twinkies in your basket?

Sure, you can scare a child with heart disease but a married man hath no fear!

So, my beloved budgeteers, I urge you all to download the Shopping List app. I promise you, it will enrich your life in ways you never imagined! If you don’t have a smart phone, then you should absolutely go spend $500 on one.

Just kidding, that was a test. You should just continue to use pen and paper and reminisce back to the days when everyone else in your class had Adidas and you had to wear Adifas from the El’ Cheapo. Thanks, mom!

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Between you and me, my keyboard is full of stick figures and emoticons :)

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