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August 11, 2013

Gettin' techy wit it, Na na na na na nana, Na na na na nana.

SAVANNAH — While I often and publicly hail my iPhone as a gimungous waste of money and have been known to shatter a few phone cases in frustration, deep down, I know that it is more a lifeline to me than my own heart.

While there are times that I swear my husband is in fact the little Siri voice inside my phone because it never listens, when it does listen it gives me the wrong answer, and it more times than not gets me lost because its directions are illogical and usually panned out in the opposite direction I need to be going. Never the less, like my husband, I still love it (most days).

Over the years, I have had several love/hate relationships with iPhones 1 through 5. Originally the phone was used for phone calls, text messages and games, later evolved into a use for emails, further evolved into a use for the calendar, and now has evolved into everything that every other product on the planet can do aside from making coffee (I hear that's next).

Right now, my iPhone can literally do everything. When I want to pander to the hypochondria in me, I open up my WebMD app. When I've had a horrible day and I need someone to make decisions for me, I let my UrbanSpoon app tell me where to eat. Heck, when I need to tell the future, I open up my horoscope app. It's pretty much a genie. That's why when I want to make a little extra money, I of course turn to my phone and now, so can you.

• Locket

I know I don't talk a lot about Android phones because let's face it, they are the Pepsi of the smart phone world. As Stephen Colbert pointed out, Pepsi is the official drink of “oh sorry, we don't have coke, is Pepsi okay?” So, in an attempt to be inclusive, here is an Android only app called Locket. It literally pays you 1-cent every time you unlock your phone. What's the price? Maybe your sanity. Every time you go to unlock your phone, you will see an advertisement. You have the choice to either engage or not engage; either way, you make a penny.

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