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June 23, 2013

Beware the super moon this weekend

VALDOSTA — In the movie, Moonstruck, with Cher, Nicholas Cage and a host of other incredible actors, the grandfather character repeatedly urges his pack of canines to howl at the moon in Italian, saying, “la bella luna, “ or beautiful moon. The theme of how the full moon makes everyone act strangely is central to the plot of the film, and although some have tried to debunk the theory that the moon affects behavior, I have no doubt that it’s absolutely true.

Tonight is what is being termed a “super moon,” when the full moon is nearest to the earth in its orbit around the planet. It is said to be a perigee moon, but as it rises looking far larger than most full moons, this phenomenon has come to be known as a super moon.

And does a full moon make folks behave differently? I think anyone who works in a newsroom would agree, and most law enforcement officials and emergency workers unofficially will say the same. Perhaps it’s due to the unseen gravitational force which governs the earth’s tides, or perhaps it’s an unknown source of energy emitted, but people seem to be crazier, act stranger, are angrier, and are more reckless during the full moon cycle. And with this being a super moon, perhaps it will have an even stronger effect.

I’m obviously being a bit tongue in cheek, and I certainly don’t think we need worry about werewolves or other creatures of the night. And some are wondering as they read this why I’m including it in a business column. Well, primarily because how people act directly affects just about anyone’s business, and it certainly has affected the Times this week. Many employees have had a bad or somewhat off week, myself included, and I cannot recall the last time customers acted so oddly or so angrily in response to things that normally would receive little notice. We’ve seen it in the rants called in, we’ve heard it in the calls we’ve received and we’ve witnessed some disturbing behavior.

We all agree it’s got to be the moon making everyone act just a little off kilter. At least we hope so, because if it is, it gives us hope that things will calm down a bit this week.

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