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May 2, 2014

Get smart: Tech companies pour resources into artificial intelligence


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A powerful artificial brain that knows your preferences and habits can be a scary notion, acknowledged Mohamed, who said companies must consider ethics and privacy as they develop new services.

But experts say it’s clear that artificial intelligence will be used more widely. Someday soon, intelligent “assistants” will be built into a variety of gadgets and online services, predicted Singh.

“Everything is going to be more anticipatory, and more personal,” he said. “If it’s done right, you may not even notice it. But once you start experiencing it, you’ll realize: ‘Wow! How did you live without it?’ ”



Artificial intelligence is a broad term that covers a number of goals and technical methods. Here are some problems that tech companies are working on:

—Speech recognition, or the ability to translate spoken words into computer commands.

—Image recognition, or the ability to recognize objects from visual representations.

—Natural language processing, or the ability to discern the meaning and intent of written texts and conversational speech, and recognize their relevance even if they don’t contain specific search terms.

SOURCE: San Jose Mercury News reporting

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