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April 20, 2014

Seventeen ways to use a Kleenex

VALDOSTA — Happy Easter, my bubbly budgeteers! I am particularly perky not because I’m on a chocolate bunny sugar high, but because I made a grand discovery this week. Kleenex ... yes, Kleenex.

As a born cheapskate, I have always thought of Kleenex as very bougie (that’s my fun, new word I learned that means bourgeoisie). I was raised on good ol’ American toilet paper. Whether you have to pop a squat or blow your nose, toilet paper is the fix. While perusing Twitter for my graduate social media class, I came across the most glorious tweet from Kleenex that suggested using tissue to clean makeup brushes. I tried it, and it works so much better than using toilet paper or a rag! It is also less harsh on my brush bristles.

This got me thinking of what else I could use tissue for. I couldn’t possibly justify purchasing a box of Kleenex just to clean my makeup brushes or wipe my runny nose. So, I took to Twitter and Google to compile this list! Here are 17 ways to use a Kleenex. You’re welcome.


1. It’s the perfect lipstick blotter and doesn’t leave behind a linty residue.

2. Wrap a piece in-between your toes during a home pedicure to keep wet toenails from touching.

3. Use as clever tissue paper for a get-well gift.

4. Use it to dust surfaces quickly before guests arrive. The texture picks up dust really nicely.

5. As mentioned above, use Kleenex to clean makeup brushes. No water or cleanser is necessary, just gently wipe.

6. Thanks to, I learned that Kleenex was originally on the market as a makeup remover. Using Kleenex to remove makeup is a lot cheaper than makeup wipes and you get more per box.

7. When fixing your hair, use tissue behind hair clips to prevent denting on freshly styled hair.

8. To create custom eye shadow and blush colors, scrape off some powder and mix it on top of a tissue like an artist’s pallet. That way you can mix multiple colors without double dipping or making a mess. A lot of professional makeup artists use this trick.

9. If you have a pet hamster and want to give the little fur ball some extra bedding, Kleenex works best.

10. Keep a travel pack of Kleenex in your purse or car as a go-to sweat cleaner.

11. Tissue works great as an over makeup oil remover. Just blot tissue right on your oily spots and it won’t smudge your foundation or powder.

12. A box of Kleenex can now be considered a “home accent.” The boxes they have out now are so cute and they are just the perfect addition to any sink counter, tray or desktop.

13. If you compost, Kleenex is safe to add to the pile.

14. Use Kleenex as an aid to fix broken, powdered makeup. Put a drop of alcohol into the broken makeup, use a toothpick to smooth it out, and then use a Kleenex to press down on the paste and make it compact.

15. Use Kleenex to dry your hands off instead of a germ-infested hand towel.

16. If you have shoes that are just a tad too big, stuff the toes with Kleenex.

17. The obvious one ... Blow your nose. The Kleenex with lotion feels glorious on a raw nose.


I tried to make it to 20 but came to a halt! Tell me what you use Kleenex for on Facebook at or on Twitter @BDenneyMcClure.

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