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February 3, 2013

Dummy proof job interview tips


VALDOSTA — 2. Make sure to mind your Ps and Qs.

You never know who will hear and see you when you approach a business for an interview. Treat every person you interact with as if they were your interviewer. Often times, employers will ask secretaries about your demeanor while you waited. Were you polite? Did you sigh? Did you roll your eyes?

Also, leave your cell phone in the car! Don’t walk in talking or texting, it just gives a red flag and screams: “I will do this on the job.”

3. This is the only time you should brag.

I know your mom has taught you to be humble and not to brag, but this is the one time that you should. Don’t by any means be cocky, but talk yourself up. If you don’t have a lot of work experience, talk about your positive attributes. Are you easy to get along with? Are you organized? Do you have drive and ambition? If you don’t know why you are right for the job, then your employer won’t either. Also, ask questions. It lets the employer know that you have researched the position and that you are interested. However, don’t torture your interviewer with long, rambling, repetitive answers. Remember, your employer actually has a job other than interviewing you.

4. Follow up.

After an interview, you should send the employer a follow-up email. In the email, thank them for the opportunity, review some of the positive points you made about yourself in the interview, and most importantly, at the end, state emphatically that you really want the job.

5. Appear strong.

Not only do you have to talk a big game, but you have to play one, too. Make sure your posture is tall and straight, your eye contact is consistent and always start and end the interview with a handshake. Despite your age, you should always refer to the interview as a Mr. or Ms.

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