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December 30, 2012

Brittany's Budget Diary: The world didn’t end so I’m going to keep on rocking!


VALDOSTA — • In November, I also wrote about how to go black ops on Black Friday. I would like to tell you that my mission was successful.


The Bad

My first column in February was about the envelope system. That lasted a few months before I got completely fed up with it. It's almost 2013, get a debit card already.

In March, I wrote about ditching brands. I try to stick to this as much as I can, but when it comes to fashion, I just love my designers. Now, I just go to outlets and TJ Maxx to make my fix manageable. I'm not proud of it, but it's the truth.

In June, I wrote about building your nest egg as opposed to paying down your debt. I have had to find a balance between the two. I have found myself putting more money towards debt and less money towards saving. I feel it is nearly impossible to do one over the other.


In March, I wrote about making your own cleaning products.

Yeah, that didn't last long.

Long story short, self-made duster out of vegetable oil and lemon juice was like crack for my dogs.

In May, I wrote about car pooling. Apparently, I'm completely anti-social.

Well my budgeteers, this concludes my first ever budget roundup. I had a lot of amazing columns, but there were a few duds and thankfully for you, I'm man enough to admit to my mistakes.

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Here's to another year!

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