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December 30, 2012

Brittany's Budget Diary: The world didn’t end so I’m going to keep on rocking!


VALDOSTA — • In May, I told you about how I cut my pet related expenses. I have stuck to every single suggestion. I cut my dog food from $30 a bag to $14 a bag just by switching brands, I only buy my dog toys at TJ Maxx for a fraction of the cost, I groom all three of my pets myself, and I make my vets explain all tests and procedures in detail before hand so I can determine what is truly necessary and what is extra.

• In July, I talked about decorating when you don't even have a dime. I have made so many cheap upgrades to my condo. My kitchen cabinets looked like bathroom cabinets and in fact, are the exact same cabinets in my bathroom! I removed all the doors and now showcase my beautiful dishes. It's so Urban Outfitters looking! I left one cabinet door on and I covered it with contact paper. I then painted chalkboard paint over the paper and now I have a chalk board for grocery lists in my kitchen. I also collected all the cool art and frames in my house and made two large gallery walls after I painted a turquoise and gold accent wall which together cost me like $20.

In September, I wrote about the magic of spray paint. It's the cheapest way to spruce up any old piece of furniture. I now have a green “mud closet” in my living room which used to be an old, brown pantry. It's a great addition to my hip home! I also took three cork boards that I used to use in college and I spray painted them black. I took wooden tacks and I now display all my beautiful costume jewelry on them.

In November, I told you all the tricks I learned from my dad: stealing paper pads from hotels, using “100-mile an hour tape” to virtually fix everything and biscuits and gravy as a cheap breakfast. I have been doing all that since I was like born, so why stop now.

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