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October 28, 2012

Budget Diary: Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, make a costume that’s real cheap

Brittany D. McClure
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Boo! In case you forgot, Halloween is in just three days and in case you haven’t noticed, yes, this is my second Halloween article. Obviously, I am a Halloween enthusiast.

No offense to Santa or the Easter Bunny or anything, but Halloween is the only holiday that doesn’t lose that child-like allure when you get older.

Now that I’m 24, it would be pretty weird (and pretty sad) if I were to make a list for Santa or go Easter egg hunting. But Halloween bares no prejudice against a mid-20s married couple doing the monster-mash in bed sheets and body paint.

Hopefully, none of my dear budgeteers have gone out and dropped $120 on a Halloween costume. Seriously, it’s getting ridiculous. So here is a list of cheap and funny costumes that I found surfing the net and of course, Pinterest.

1. Werewolf: Dress up as you normally do. When someone asks where your costume is, tell them that you’re a werewolf and explain that it’s not a full moon.

2. Ceiling Fan: Get a blank old T-shirt and some T-shirt paint. Paint the words “Ceiling Fan” and go buy some cheap pom-pons that you periodically shake in the air. Congratulations, you’re a ceiling “fan.”

3. The E! Mani-Cam: OK, I know when E! busted out with the “Mani-Cam” on the red carpet to show off celebs’ painted fingernails that it was literally the stupidest idea ever concocted ... But this costume makes it a little less stupid (only a little).

Get a shoe box and cut a hole for your hand. Wrap it in paper or spray paint it and write the words “E! Mani-Cam” on the side. Make sure you have killer nails and bam, there’s your costume.

4. Lady Gaga: First, find a few pieces of your ugliest clothes and accessories. Second, put them all on and you get bonus points for not putting them on correctly, i.e. pants on head. Third, literally throw makeup onto your face. Like, get your friend to throw different color lipsticks at your face while you sit still. Last, master these lines:

“I hate looking conventional so I look stupid instead.”

“I write songs by threading together random loud sounds and then repeating the same phrase

over and over.”

“I don’t eat meat but I do wear it.”

Congrats. You look like an idiot ... and Lady Gaga.

5. Lance Armstrong’s Career: I give credit to my fellow reporter Jason Schaefer for this one. All you need is spandex, tennis shoes and white face makeup. Put on your spandex, paint your face to look dead, and wear a sign that says, “Lance Armstrong’s Career.” Too soon? You decide.

6. Carlton Banks: This is for all you guys who can’t dance. Wear slacks, a button-up and tie a sweater around your neck and you are Carlton from the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” Now you have an excuse for being a horrible dancer.

7. Couple Costume: If you want to get a good laugh from friends, dress like your better half. Fellas, throw on some makeup and ladies, wear some of your man’s signature pieces. It’s a costume that takes minutes and you don’t even have to leave the house to put it together.

8. Bad ’80s School Portrait: Nothing good ever came out of the ’80s ... Except for how funny it is to look back on the ’80s. For Halloween, rock a side pony if you’re a girl or a Flock of Seagulls swoop if you’re a dude and rock some neons, acid wash, baggy shirt and a dorky smile all night as a walking ’80s school portrait.

There you go, my budgeteers, budget-friendly and creative alternatives to the store-bought costume. I guarantee, little effort and little money will make a big splash.

I personally think the home-made costumes are always the best and most unique.

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