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October 28, 2012

Budget Diary: Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, make a costume that’s real cheap

VALDOSTA — Boo! In case you forgot, Halloween is in just three days and in case you haven’t noticed, yes, this is my second Halloween article. Obviously, I am a Halloween enthusiast.

No offense to Santa or the Easter Bunny or anything, but Halloween is the only holiday that doesn’t lose that child-like allure when you get older.

Now that I’m 24, it would be pretty weird (and pretty sad) if I were to make a list for Santa or go Easter egg hunting. But Halloween bares no prejudice against a mid-20s married couple doing the monster-mash in bed sheets and body paint.

Hopefully, none of my dear budgeteers have gone out and dropped $120 on a Halloween costume. Seriously, it’s getting ridiculous. So here is a list of cheap and funny costumes that I found surfing the net and of course, Pinterest.

1. Werewolf: Dress up as you normally do. When someone asks where your costume is, tell them that you’re a werewolf and explain that it’s not a full moon.

2. Ceiling Fan: Get a blank old T-shirt and some T-shirt paint. Paint the words “Ceiling Fan” and go buy some cheap pom-pons that you periodically shake in the air. Congratulations, you’re a ceiling “fan.”

3. The E! Mani-Cam: OK, I know when E! busted out with the “Mani-Cam” on the red carpet to show off celebs’ painted fingernails that it was literally the stupidest idea ever concocted ... But this costume makes it a little less stupid (only a little).

Get a shoe box and cut a hole for your hand. Wrap it in paper or spray paint it and write the words “E! Mani-Cam” on the side. Make sure you have killer nails and bam, there’s your costume.

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