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October 14, 2012

Brittany's Budget Diary

From bankrupt to jackpot!

VALDOSTA — I know telling you about how awesome Pinterest is, is like beating a dead horse, but until I see that all of my budgeteers have joined the pinning revolution, I'm never shutting up about it.

Going through my daily Pinterest feed, as I do every day, I came across one of the greatest pins I have ever found. It was called “Bankrupt vs. Jackpot.” It outlined an entire slew of name-brand beauty products and their dopplegangers that could be found on the cheap at your hometown drug store.

Needless to say, it was like a second coming — I'm referring to Valdosta getting a MAC counter being the first and this pin being that to which I just referred.

So, for your drooling pleasure, I present drugstore dupes for your face high-end products!

Highlighting lotion: Used to illuminate your face and usually applied prior to your foundation or powder, it can be a pricey. High Beam by benefit is a favored brand, but at $24 a bottle, you better get used to chicken noodle soup ... and I mean a lot of it. Luckily, a brand called Boots makes a No. 7 High Lights lotion that is triple the size and nearly half the price at $13.

Contouring blush and bronzer: Every covergirl knows that contouring the cheek bones has been a necessity since the Kardashians hit the scene. So have no fear! While Kim K likes to use Nars (so I stalk her on YouTube ... get over it) we all don’t have $39 to drop on a small compact. However, most of us do have $3 and that’s how much the Elle Studio Contouring and Blush Kit costs. Go ahead, I know you want to kiss the paper.

Tiger eyes: Smoky eyes are a must-do for the fall, but three different shades of eyeshadow can add up. Sure, Lorac is one of the best eyeshadows ever invented, but it’s $26! I would much rather pay $8 for Revlon’s replication which is nearly exact.

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