Valdosta Daily Times

March 6, 2013

Players react to university decision to sell championship rings

Ed Hooper
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Valdosta State University is allowing fans to buy authentic championship rings, the same rings the players will be awarded, to help commemorate the 2012 Division II football national championship.

And the players aren’t happy about it, either.

Since holding an open gallery that allowed fans to view the items for sale to help remember the Blazers’ 35-7 win over Winston-Salem State in the championship game, Blazer football players, both current and former, have shared their displeasure with the university’s decision to sell the championship ring to fans.

For those interested in buying the same championship ring the players will wear, it will cost them $500.

To many of the players, and even some coaches, the rings belong only on the fingers of those who earned them.

“Its a slap in the face if you ask me,” one player wrote on Twitter. “I dont care how big of fan you are, you didnt put in the work.”

Added another Blazer on Twitter: “Glad they made this National Championship stuff pretty pricey. Not trying to have just anybody wear a ring that didn't earn it. #nooffense.”

The conversations, and basic rants from players, have continued on social media websites, too. The players haven’t been afraid to share their displeasure with the university and athletic department throughout the process of people buying championship rings.

“don't think they need to be selling our rings to fans and people outside the program, UNLESS the proceeds are coming directly to us,” another wrote on Twitter.

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