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Young Indian employees of Infosys Technologies walk outside the company's headquarters at Electronic City in Bangalore, India. As the world's largest democracy of 1.2 billion people, including 814 million voters, launches a marathon six-week national election contest, all eyes are on India's enormous population of ambitious, tech-savvy and politically engaged youths. Nowhere is the high-tech transition more clear than amid the bright cafes and technology companies of Bangalore, seen as the economy's beating heart and brain trust with its large number of scientists, engineers and corporate professionals drawn from India's brightest youths. With 63 percent of its population under 25, Bangalore is one of India's youngest cities. (AP Photo/Kashif Masood)

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School starts again in about two weeks. What do you think?

It's still summer. School starts too soon.
Seems like the right time to return.
Abolish summer recess. Make school year-round.
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